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Post  Vasili Reshenkov on Wed Dec 07, 2011 7:32 pm

This is the country of deshrenkov in a nutshell...we were formerly a colony of UW, until the deshrenkovian war for independence, where a peace agreement was signed that freed deshrenkov of all United Warrisons influence. For many a year, the two were bitter enemies, but at the start of WW2, they were forced to unite or die and grew a strong bond during these years. Old debts were repayed and now the countries are as close as can be.
Deshrenkov herself was originally settled by former members of the soviet union and based on a capitalist-communist crossbreed. She has many lush, thick forests, and amber feilds. Theres a mountain range that protects all of its borders excepting the UW border. The soldiers are trained well, and armed well as well. They've been trained not to back down and give in.

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