The deshrenkovian military: Upgrades

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The deshrenkovian military: Upgrades Empty The deshrenkovian military: Upgrades

Post  Vasili Reshenkov on Wed Dec 07, 2011 7:53 pm

Come here to apply for aid from the deshrenkovian army. We've got some soldiers in surplus, and we're not currently engaged in any major wars, so we can afford to aid other countries.

Soldier count: Roughly 3.6 miilion standard infantry, armed T1-Beam Rifles.They're armed with 20 inch bowie knives, and T-2 high explosive fragmentation grenades.

100,000 paratroops. These men are well trained, and armed with the XM5, an upgraded version of the T-1 with a higher firing rate and more compact build to aid in close quarters combat. They have better armor than the standard infantry, and are an elite fighting force(Look similar to spartans, just not as tough.)

Tanks: Model MkII's, based off the abrams with less than 24 inches of armour that serves as 30 inches of thick, sloped armour and reactive armour to help disarm HEAT warheads. Its been upgraded to sport the 130mm Gauss firing "Krag" cannon.

Warthog APC, armed with a 20mm 3 barreled gatling gun operated by a soldier, and able to carry 3 soldiers.

Sparrowhawk VTOL: Armed with two missile pods on either wing and a 20mm vulcan minigun, it is an infantry close support weapon taking the place of the helicopter.

The YS-50 sabre jet fighter: it comes armed with 4 autocannon for destroying tanks from above, rockets and air to aircraft fighting it can travel at roughly twice the speed of sound at top speed.

And introduced today, is the deshrenkovian space fleet. It is currently made up of 5 battleships with tungsten armour and layered armour, and armed with a massive 500mm gauss cannon. On top of this is also

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