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HEZAR ISLANDS - The Hezarian Blue Law Empty HEZAR ISLANDS - The Hezarian Blue Law

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The Hezarian Blue Law
The following are a list of resolutions approved by the general votes*. All Hezarians will have to follow the resolutions and under no circumferences are allowed to break the law. If you wish to add a new resolution, please do so in the 'Improvement' sub-forum.

Article I: Membership
Hezar Islands is a peaceful region, and henceforth it is essential for the Hezarians** to also help maintain such peace in the Islands.

Section I: Mandatory Procedures
1. Nations who wish to join the Hezar Islands must first declare their decision to the Hezarians** via the Regional Message Board (RMB) or the offical forum of Hezar Islands.

2. If the nation has engaged a Hezarian in a war before its request for membership, it must alert either the WA Delegate or the Founder of Hezar Islands. Failure to do so will result in the termination of the nation's Hezarian membership, should it manage to acquire one.

3. The nation-in-question must choose its location on Hezar Islands' regional map, and is able to take up to a maximum of two territories. No more than two terroritories are allowed.

4. It is also mandatory for the soon-to-be Hezarians to change their currency to the regional currency of Platuj.

5. The nation must also take part in the Hezar Islands Free Trade Agreement***** (HIFTA).

6. Only after the above has been completed by the nation, can the nation acquire its Hezarian membership.

Article II: Government
The Hezarian Government is the purely democratic government of Hezar Islands and has been in place since December, 2011.

Section I: The High Senate
The High Senate is the main body of the Hezarian Government. Any and all requests of military aid, sanctions, and interrogation are handled and supervised by the High Senate.

A. The Three Major Members (MM)

1. The three Major Members are elected monthly by the general vote*.
2. The High Senate proposals can only be approved or rejected by the Major Members.
3. Each Major Member has the power of (1) vote in High Senate issues and (1) vote in non-THS**** proposals.
4. Two out of three MM votes dictate that the proposal has been approved.
5. Outside of the High Senate issues, MMs will have no voting advantage over the other Hezarians.

B. The Hezarian Delegate

1. The Delegate is elected monthly by the general vote*.
2. The Founder is not allowed to run for Delegacy, to avoid an inbalance in power.
3. The Delegate will be in charge of foreign affairs, including the approval or rejection of embassy requests.
4. The Delegate does not have the right to vote in High Senate issues but has the power to veto a High Senate issue***.
5. The Delegate is allowed to change the World Factbook Entry of the Hezar Islands.
6. The Delegate is allowed to ban or eject invaders and sanctioned nations, with the permission of the High Senate.
7. The Delegate has the power of (1) vote in a non-THS**** proposal and no power of voting in a THS proposal.

Section II: Hezarians

1. A Hezarian is an offical member of Hezar Islands.
2. The Hezarian state is achieved when the member follows the mandatory membership procedures.
3. A Hezarian can run for the Delegacy election and the Major Member elections.
4. A Hezarian has the power of (1) vote in non-THS**** proposals and no power of voting in THS**** proposals.
5. A Hezarian has the right to make both THS**** and non-THS**** proposals.
6. A Hezarian can engage in wars with his or her enemies, but must seek the approval of The High Senate if he or she wishes the assistance of the entire Hezar Islands.

If you wish to change an existing article or section of the Hezarian Blue Law, then you will have to make a proposal regarding that in the 'Improvements' sub-forum, explaining what section needs to be changed, why, and to what it should be changed.

* - The general votes, or GV, are the votes of all Hezarians.
** - A Hezarian is a member of Hezar Islands.
*** - In order to avoid an inbalance, the Delegate may only veto a High Senate issue once.
**** - THS stands for The High Senate.
***** - The link to HIFTA is shown in the WFE (World Factbook Entry) of Hezar Islands.
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