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Do you approve this resolution (If not, please state why.)

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Post  United Warrisons on Tue Dec 13, 2011 6:31 am

Taking into consideration several complaints made by Hezar Islands' members, I would like to
pass a resolution to make an important decision-making factor of Hezar Islands, The High Senate.
The High Senate will have three Major Members, Elected every month based on votes, and the
High Senate will be responsible for approving or rejecting Hezarian members' requests of war,
sanctions, or trade embargo on other regions and nations. The complete list of the possible
decisions that the High Senate is responsible for is shown below, along with the list of members
to be elected as Major Members for the first term. Every nation in Hezar Islands dragging the
Hezar Islands into war without the approval of the High Senate will be looked out for and will be
given a worthwhile punishment, Complete list of the stages an out-of-control Hezarian will be
dealt with is,

If s\he has broken the High Senate rules once, S\he will lose influence as a Hezarian.
If s\he has broken the rules again, S\he will be not able to be voted for in the High Senate Elections.
If s\he has broken the rules for the third time, S\he will be ejected from Hezar Islands.

If the rule-breaking nation-in-question is a Major Member or the Delegate and is already in
the third stage of punishment, a specific thread will be made in the Forum to discuss whether or
not to eject the person.
The High Senate is responsible for deciding:

Declarations of War,
and Imposing of Sanctions and\or Trade Embargos.

Keep in mind that in the future, resolutions could be made so to increase or decrease the
areas in which High Senate has influence in.
Major Members to be elected for first term:

Isla de Militarias (Delegate)
United Warrisons (Founder)
Deshrenkov (Decision maker)

United Warrisons
United Warrisons
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