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Post  United Warrisons on Thu Dec 15, 2011 2:47 pm

The High Senate
This thread is dedicated to the new vital component of Hezar Islands, The High Senate. This faction is in control of the foreign and military affairs of Hezar Islands, Every Hezarian who wishes to have Hezar Islands aid should first post here requesting the High Senate to approve the request. Failure to do so will result in prosecution of the nation-in-question. The High Senate has three members called Major Members, elected every month, who are in charge of approving or rejecting requests from Hezarians and\or foreigners. Atleast two out of three Major members must decide before the approval or rejection is considered offical.

The Major Members (MM) are elected every month. As of January 2012, In addition to the three Major Members (MMs), there is another Hezarian, elected monthly via elections, who will be in charge of the Delegacy. This Hezarian, ranked a Delegate, can also act as a Major Member in the rare case of a Major Member resigning from membership until the end of the month, at maximum.

The Delegate has the power of managing embassies and estabilishing ties with other regions, and can, in the event of an invasion, eject and ban invaders. Although the latter has to be approved by The High Senate first.

The Fifth Term Major Members are:
The President of Deshrenkov (MM).
The President of Great Canada (MM).
The President of Soviet Ruk-Tsan (MM).

What the High Senate is in charge of:
-Declarations of war.
-Trade embargos.
-Military aid to foreign countries.

What the High Senate is not in charge of:
-Resolutions for Hezar Islands.
-Trading with allies (E.G, USSCR).
-Anything not in the list above.
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