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[REJECTED] Solution for economy Empty [REJECTED] Solution for economy

Post  United Warrisons on Sun Feb 12, 2012 5:46 am

This is a non-THS issue:

The HIFTA does a great job of keeping the Hezarian economy out of a recession, but chances are we still need to export materials to foreign countries. As much as internal commerce will keep our economy stable, we need to strike a good balance between internal and foreign commerce.

However, our currency the Platuj, worth roughly four dollars at the time of this writing, is so strong that foreigners will purchase less Hezarian-made products because it is too expensive when converted to their currency.

For example, if we spend 100 Platujs on making a coffee-machine and sell it for 120 Platujs to a foreigner in another country, and assuming that country's currency is the NS dollar, then the person will have to buy the coffee-machine... for 480 NS dollars!

This is why our economy's growth is so slow, our currency is too strong and nobody is able to buy anything from us, thus we need to weaken the currency. So far we have been keeping the rate up artifically, the correct rate should be half of what it is now. So I hereby propose that the minor economy crisis of Hezar Islands be solved by removing the invisible hand and letting capitalism restore the rate back to what it should be, and that is roughly two dollars for a Platuj.

This proposal, if approved, will maximaze the potential profits for Hezarians as it will make the Hezarian-made goods cheaper for foreigners, making the sales climb and more foreigners will buy our goods.

You can vote on this proposal either via our regional message board or here on this thread. Either way, as we have 10 members (not including me and my puppet, Rotarbil), we need the approval of at least 6 Hezarians.

Currently, this resolution has been approved by:
Soviet Ruk-Tsan,
Isla de militarias,
Great Canada,
United Arcadia.

This proposal was rejected due to a lack of support in February 19, 2012.

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[REJECTED] Solution for economy Empty Re: [REJECTED] Solution for economy

Post  dustman1089 on Sat Feb 18, 2012 5:40 pm

United Arcadia approves of this proposal.

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