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Post  Vasili Reshenkov on Mon Feb 13, 2012 4:10 pm

While I heavily oppose this bill, it seems as though I am outvoted here. But please, allow me to speak before you decide to pass this bill.

What is wrong with all of the other nationstates countries right now? all of the WORLDS countries? They got involved in trade with other regions and countries, which drove their own prices down and when so much as a little bit of collapse happened in any foreign market, the entire WORLD economy collapsed. If we keep everything local, that cant happen. We all supply the neccesary resources, products, and services to keep our countries running independently of the entire rest of the world.

Vasili Reshenkov
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The Deshrenkovian Opinion Empty Re: The Deshrenkovian Opinion

Post  United Warrisons on Tue Feb 14, 2012 6:23 am

I do know the troubles of trading freely with foreign countries and the best example I can use is Iran. Iran agreed to a free-trade agreement with several countries nearly half a decade ago, what happened was the Iran's economy suffered because foreign countries goods were better than the Iranian-made and thus the Iranians decided to purchase foreign products instead of internal ones.

Back to NS, currently we will have problems if we continue like this, we can cut-off relations with foreigners but it is not the least assuring that we still might experience economic failures even when we are trading with ourselves. Currently the Platuj being worth four dollars, our citizens will prefer to purchase products from foreign countrĂ­es because they are so weak compared to our currency that a Hezarian citizen can buy four of one product from them while he can only buy one in the Islands.

Look at China, its currency rate is so low that US threatened a nuclear war if China didn't make its currency more expensive and currently while the US and Europe are suffering from a massive amount of debt, China is comfortably sitting and selling its goods. Not to say that we will suffer from debt like the Europeans but we still have to consider every possibility.

Also, we can easily desist from importing goods from foreign countries and instead only export goods to them. Therefore, it is valuable for us to lower the rate of the Platuj, this will benefit all of us.

Still, it is up to you to approve the proposal or not.
United Warrisons
United Warrisons
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