[IN VOTING] Lengthening Time In Office

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[IN VOTING] Lengthening Time In Office Empty [IN VOTING] Lengthening Time In Office

Post  United Warrisons on Fri Mar 09, 2012 4:07 am

This proposal is a non-THS proposal.

This resolution's main focus is to change Section A.1 and Section B.1 of Article I of the Hezarian Blue Law by lengthening the time in office by one month, thus making the elections to be held every two months instead of monthly. The Delegate elections and the Major Member elections are all affected by this, as they are Section A and B of the Hezarian Blue Law.

If this resolution passes, the Delegate and the Major Members will be in office for two months instead of one month, and the elections will also be held every two months. This would increase the stability of our region because of the Major Members having more than thirty days, they would have also more time to decide on sensitive High Senate matters.

At least 60% of the Hezarians must approve this proposal before it can pass, which makes (excluding me and my puppet) 5 votes of approval.

The deadline for this proposal to be rejected is in 15th of March, 2012. If it gets the number of approvals required, it can be passed before the deadline.

Those who approved this proposal:
Soviet Ruk-Tsan,
Great Canada,
Iranian States,
Isla de militarias.

Those against this proposal:
United Warrisons
United Warrisons
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