Temporary Replacement?

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Temporary Replacement? Empty Temporary Replacement?

Post  United Warrisons on Thu Mar 15, 2012 11:39 am


As I have stated also yesterday, I will go on vacation tomorrow for approximately ten to thirteen days so chances are I can't be the one moderating the elections this month. So, we need somebody to moderate the elections threads this month instead of me.

The job itself is not difficult, just post a new thread in the Announcements section, put in the post a list of all Hezarians (excluding puppets), give a link to the thread from the RMB and update the thread each time somebody votes. The three persons with the most votes will then be elected as Major Members. The Delegate elections also work the same, except, of course, only one person is elected.

As aforementioned, we have until tomorrow to find somebody who will moderate the elections threads. If nobody volunteers until then, that would mean the elections will be delayed until next month and I doubt it would be good.
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