[CANCELED] Declaration of war on Greater Dienstad?

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[CANCELED] Declaration of war on Greater Dienstad? Empty [CANCELED] Declaration of war on Greater Dienstad?

Post  United Warrisons on Sat Dec 03, 2011 5:56 pm

Carloso withdrew his declaration of war after Greater Dienstad was verified to have Anti
communist nations.
Founder of the ICAC, Carloso, informed me that ICAC declared war on Greater Dienstad, a
region which does not have any communists in it, and it possibly even has anti-communists.
Enemy troop numbers are unknown, and it is not known how many of our allies are active.
As ally of the ICAC, I have to help the ICAC, however members of Hezar Islands are not
obliged to join. What do you think of ICAC's decision to attack Greater Dienstad?
United Warrisons
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